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I am a Psychiatrist, an Actor, and a Script Writer. I live in Mumbai with my wife and daughter. I am passionate about making a difference in the life of people in the area of mental well-being, parenting and child care.


What do we mean by Learning Style? Learning styles according to Wikipedia is nothing but different ways by which a person can learn. These are the ways a person picks up information from their surroundings, understands them and retains the … Continue reading

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Teaching Values to Your Child

Hi Parents, We all know values guide our life. The way we feel about ourselves depends a lot on our values and most of it is learned in childhood. It’s better to teach children well-defined values than they picking them … Continue reading

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Doctor – Patient Relationship…. Is it at stake?

Doctor – patient relationship was one of the most cherished relationships just a few decades ago.  I remember in my childhood how the doctors were respected and treated in the community. Not only for medical ailments but family physicians were … Continue reading

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