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Dr Amitabh Ghosh is a medical doctor specialized in Psychiatry. He is also trained in various types of therapies like EMDR (therapy for PTSD and other psychological trauma), mindfulness based therapy and Emotion based therapy.   He is passionate about children and believes the best way to add value to children is to help parents with good parenting skills. So he conducts free workshops with small group of parents at regular intervals.

Besides Psychiatry Dr. Amitabh is also an actor in Hindi films and television. He has written a few scripts for short films and made a few short films himself. He is also an avid reader of books on psychology and philosophy. He has been influenced by articles and books written by Ayn Rand. The Fountainhead is still one of the best he has read.

He was born and educated in Kolkata, India. His father Dr. T. C. Ghosh was also a doctor and mother Pratimarani Ghosh a homemaker. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Dr. Ila Ghosh and daughter Rashi Ghosh.